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Get Ready for a Sweet Adventure: Exploring ‘Sugar Rush’ Slot by Pragmatic Play!

sugar rush pragmatic play

Pragmatic Play is the software developer who has the biggest vendetta against players out there. Although they also offer a lot of fruit-related content, the studio's Sweet Bonanza-style games are probably the biggest tooth-rotter’s in their library.

Anyway, Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play is a different online slot machine with a sugar theme. Although Sugar Rush uses multipliers in a similar way to Sweet Bonanza, it does so in a different method.

The two games have similar graphics, but it's understandable that if a firm chooses to create a slot with a candy theme, it will likely result in a similar aesthetic. It describes a land overflowing with sweets a la Willy Wonka, where everything appears to be edible.

Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode when Homer has a candy-coated fantasy after Hans and Fritz claim to be from the land of chocolate and the nuclear power station is sold to a couple of German businessmen for $100 million? A pinker version of that is Sugar Rush. In spite of the icing and gummy bears, the game has a high volatility level, with a maximum RTP of 96.5%.

This amount remains the same whether you play the game regularly, betting 20 percent to £/€100 every spin, or if you purchase the free spins bonus round, which can be accessed on any device.

What Is Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play

In Sugar Rush, a brand-new video slot from Pragmatic Play, we travel to the land of sweets.

Everything in this location is appetizing, and the presence of these sweet things immediately causes the player's mouth to start watering. This is not the first time that this game developer has allowed us to visit a location similar to this; in the past, we have played the Sweet Bonanza slot.

A slot machine that gained so much popularity that a follow-up live casino game was created for it as part of the game Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

This time, you have the opportunity to partake in an exhilarating gaming experience where enormous win multipliers can be produced, resulting in winnings of up to 5000X the original wager.

Sugar Rush: Slot Features

Let's start with tumbles since they are one of Sugar Rush's main building blocks. When a winning cluster appears, the tumble mechanic removes the associated symbols, and the spaces are filled by symbols that are falling from above.

The method is repeated until no fresh wins arise if the tumbling action produces a new cluster.

Multiplier Spots Feature

A winning symbol’s location on the grid is highlighted whenever it is eliminated. A multiplier is added if a winning symbol is erased from a highlighted area.

Starting at x2, multipliers increase in value up to x128 each time winning symbols are removed from their top layer.

When more than one multiplier is present, the values are combined together before being used. Multipliers are applied to all wins that occur on top of them. Between paid spins in the standard game, multipliers are removed from the board.

Free Spins

During a tumble sequence in the base game, landing 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols yields 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins, respectively.

What changes during free spins is that highlighted spots and their multipliers stay on the reels until the end of the bonus round, allowing for continued value growth.

When 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatters appear, the feature can be extended and an extra 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins will be given, correspondingly.

Theme and Graphics

Enter the wacky world of Sugar Rush pragmatic play, where the artwork and concept are just as fun as a jar of vibrant candy. The game's appealing candy-themed aesthetic instantly snares players in its colorful, sugary world.

A thrilling adventure is set against a gorgeous sugar village backdrop complete with gingerbread houses and lollipop trees.

The emblems in the game, which range from gummy bears to cupcakes, are painstakingly created to fit the theme and heighten the aesthetic appeal.

We'll examine the graphics and audio aspects that contribute to Sugar Rush's allure in the sections that follow.

Color full candy world

Color full candy world

Players are submerged in a vibrant and colorful candy world loaded with a variety of delectable delicacies in Sugar Rush’s colorful candy universe.

A town built entirely of candies, including gingerbread houses, lollipop trees, and candy canes, can be seen in the game’s background.

The reels are framed by appealing candies, which adds to the lively vibe overall.

Sound and image effects

The gameplay is made much more fun by the game’s sharp, well-designed graphics and detailed, alluring symbols. The game’s energetic theme is wonderfully complemented by the soundtrack’s peppy, enthusiastic music.

Playing the Game

Sugar Rush’s gameplay mechanics must be revealed because the game is more than just eye-catching graphics and appealing music.

Sugar Rush pragmatic play delivers a sound game structure that ensures an entertaining and gratifying experience beyond its enticing candy-themed exterior.

The 20 fixed pay lines on this 5-reel, 3-row slot machine provide numerous winning opportunities. The game’s mechanics are simple to understand but layered with enough complexity to engage players of all skill levels.

Sugar Rush offers a lot to offer, including numerous bet options and a mixture of high- and low-value symbols. Let’s examine the paylines, betting possibilities, and symbols that make up this sweet slot game’s foundation in more detail.

Sugar Rush: Slot Verdict

The smoothie that would come from blending Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, and Fruit Party 2 would probably resemble Sugar Rush. The predecessor’s sweet aesthetics are combined with certain Fruit Party gameplay elements in Sugar Rush.

Although it is different, the indicated multiplier frame functionality resembles something Hacksaw Gaming might do.

Fruit Party features were more unpredictable because wild multipliers might or might not show up in the spaces left by winning clusters.

Sugar Rush is more organized, thus there are indicated positions where events might (or might not) occur.

So, part of the uncertainty is reduced, and while multipliers can increase in the basic game, they have an advantage during free spins because they are visible throughout the duration of the feature. In Sugar Rush, having a juicy number of multipliers double in value is similar to how satisfying it feels to get into a nice flow while playing the 2048 puzzle game.

The maximum win in Sugar Rush pragmatic play like many other games Pragmatic Play publishes around this period, is 5,000 times the stake, just like its Fruit Party siblings.

But here’s where it might get tricky: Sugar Rush has a maximum win frequency of 1 in 2.34 million, compared to Fruit Party 2’s 1 in 495,050 and Fruit Party’s slightly lower 1 in 95,891.

Those data might be the deciding factor for certain discriminating players, but they might not matter. When Sugar Rush lands winning clusters on top of significant value multipliers on the right day, thrills are certain to follow.

However, it’s by no means simple to accomplish, and getting pelted with jelly beans isn’t much fun. If maximum win frequencies are a priority, there are better options available, but Sugar Rush should generally be sweet enough to satisfy.


This slot machine rapidly proved to have us engrossed in front of the screen, much as how you can easily become addicted to a particular type of candy. The vibrant setting of the game is quite engaging, and its various elements definitely grab your complete attention.

It’s a slot machine with a few, well-designed features that can result in enchanting wins of up to 5000X the stake. This is within the game provider’s now-normalized maximum win level, but it’s generally disappointing because the previous Sugar game, Sweet Bonanza, could grant wins of up to 21100X.

Winning combos during the spins will activate the tumble feature, which can cause a spin to last a very long time.

The symbols have fair payouts, and when a win occurs, multiplier spaces are distributed; these can then each get multipliers of up to 128X.

Although it's quite challenging to reach that size in the regular game, the bonus game does give you nice previews of what's to come.

The multiplier places won't reset between plays in the bonus game, which frequently offers excellent chances to win large on the last few spins played.

The structure of this game will appeal to players who were previously mesmerized by the unexpected multiplier bonanzas in Fruit Party because you can continually view the multipliers that can assist the winning clusters pay out very well.

The Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play slot machine certainly lives up to its name; on occasion, the multiplier spots might contribute to the amazing wins produced by the winning clusters.

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